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Every Saturday, from 9 to 10 am, join a Hatha Yoga class with Catherine Lude, who has been practicing yoga daily for 25 years. On the program: Traditional postures to promote physical, mental and emotional balance in the exhibition rooms.

The class begins with meditation that allows to refocus, to be here and now and achieve serenity and inner calm. Then comes a warm-up like a sun salutation followed by a particularly energizing sequence of postures that develop flexibility and resistance. Dynamic postures followed by more static postures on the floor, on the back.

Postures are accompanied by different breathing exercises which allow to purify and detoxify the body. Breathing becomes more and more regular, mild and increases our vital energy.

Price per class, included a fresh detox juice: CHF 30.00
10 classes pass: CHF 260.00

info@fondationopale.ch or +41 27 483 46 10