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„Nobody picks up my tongue“ is a two-voice incantation in the form of a wandering performance led by singers/performers Chloé Bieri and Lisa Tatin. Set against a backdrop of light and video, the two singers set to music and stage authors’ poetic texts: Lisette Lombé, Laura Vazquez, Stéphanie Vovor, Cécile Coulon.

„Nobody picks up my tongue“ embodies questions of gender, class and race, dismantles models, and questions the enslavement of living, particularly the way we look at animals.

CHF 30 per person | Abobo: free
Limited places, booking required: info@fondationopale.ch or 027 483 46 10


Schoß Company was born in 2016 at the instigation of Lisa Tatin (opera singer/performer), with the aim of creating new operatic forms in dialogue with different media. In 2017, a meeting with video and light designer Simona Gallo led to the creation of Schoß Company, focusing on contemporary musical and theatrical creation in conjunction with new technologies. In 2019, Schoß Company invites contemporary composer André Décosterd, cellist Anne-Charlotte Dupas and the Schola de Sion to collaborate on the creation of a hybrid opera: MY:R:NINEREST, il est un oeil qui ne dort jamais. In 2020, the collaboration continues with composer André Décosterd as part of „LAB_21“, and with percussionist Till Lingenberg and poet Laura Vazquez for the creation of „J’ai plié ma langue“. The Cie’s next creation, „Que perdons-nous à gagner du temps? will take place at the Théâtre Les Halles in Sierre from November 12 to 16, 2024.

Concept – Schoß Company (Lisa Tatin & Simona Gallo)
Voice / performance / composition – Chloé Bieri & Lisa Tatin
Video light design / live electronic – Simona Gallo
Sound design – Dionysios Papanicolaou
Texts – Laura Vazquez, Lisette Lombé, Cécile Coulon, Stéphanie Vovor
Textile artist – Mélanie Vincensini
Diffusion – Émilien Rossier, oh la la – performing arts production

Production: Schoß Company
With the support of Canton du Valais, Prohelvetia, Loterie Romande, Fondation UBS pour la Culture, Rencontres de Crans-Montana, ACCM et CMTC
Partners: Fondation Opale, Théâtre Les Halles, Fondation Louis Moret