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Curated together with artgenève, INTERSTELLAR invites us to explore the unknown and to stretch the limits of our imagination. Through around sixty artworks by contemporary Aboriginal and international artists (installations, paintings, sculptures, photographs, and videos), this exhibition offers a perspective on our relationship with the universe and leads us to question the meaning of our place in it.

In Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, everything on Earth is reflected in the sky. Many of the Dreaming stories, such as the Seven Sisters, tell of this connection.

Responding to the Aboriginal artworks from the Collection Bérengère Primat, artgenève curatorial team opens, with a slight counterpoint effect, sometimes optimistic, sometimes disillusioned, sometimes funny, whimsical and often poetic trails. INTERSTELLAR thus testifies to the capacity of contemporary art to transport us to a universe with a complex surface, where dimensions are turned upside down.



Alicja Kwade | Bardayal « Lofty » Nadjamerrek | Beryl Jimmy | Blair Thurman | Bobby West Tjupurrula | Carla Accardi | Casseyanne Woods | Cerith Wyn | Evans | Djerrkŋu (Eunice) Yunupiŋu | Elaine Woods | Gail Mabo | Giovanna Belossi | Ganbilpil White Ganyidjinu | Hector Jandany | Hugo Capron | Imitjala Pollard | Iwantja Young Women’s Film Project | Janice Woods | Jarinyanu David Downs | Jean-Marc Bustamante | Jim Lambie | Jorge Méndez Blake | Kani Patricia Tunkin | Karen Kilimnik | Kaye Baker | Keith Stevens | Leandro Erlich | Lucio Fontana | Marita Baker | Michael Cook | Michael Mueller | Michael Nelson Jagamara | Mulkun Wirrpanda | Naminapu Maymuru White | Nandabitta Maminyamandja | Narputta Jugadai Nangala | Not Vital | Nyunmiti Burton | Paddy Nyunkuny Bedford Jawalyi | Pepai Jangala Carroll | Philippe Decrauzat | Rafael Lozano-Hemmer | Raymond Pettibon | Ronnie Tjampitjinpa | Taylor Cooper Wanyima | Teresa Baker | Thomas Hug | Tiger Yaltangki | Tobias Putrih | Todd Bienvenu | Tony Albert | Trevor Nickolls | Sam Falls | Sammy Tunkin | Sophia Tunkin | Stefan Tcherepnin | Venita Woods | Vera Luther | Walala Tjapaltjarri | Wipana Jimmy | Witjiti George | Wolfgang Tillmans | Yarisal & Kublitz

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