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Object of interest 700 E
The Special Focus space at the art gallery of Lens presents OBJECT OF INTEREST 700 E, an artistic project led by Joel Kuennen as part of the EPFL CDH Artist in Residence 2022, Enter the HyperScientific 2022 programme at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The work OBJECT OF INTEREST 700 E presents us an opportunity to interrogate the role exoplanets play in the cultural imaginary. Although the first confirmed detection of a planet existing outside our solar system came only in 1992, exoplanets have quickly emerged as neocolonialist objects of interest.OBJECT OF INTEREST 700 E is an architectural sculpture that combines natural, technological and conceptual elements, and experimentes with the growth of single crystals from natural olivine to test a non-pure form, a process that defies the protocols of scientific laboratories.

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